Friday, November 6, 2009

The "imposter" Pit Bull

These days, Pit Bulls are so cool, other dogs are pretending to be them! Take one Sacramento Doberman/Shepherd-like mix strolling down the street, biting people, and getting shot by police.

This black-and-tan dog with vaguely shepherd-like ears, a thick tail, and lab-like coat was apparently proclaimed a "vicious Pit Bull" by bystanders, animal control, the police, and even News10.

I've posted the image here for all to see. If you think this is a Pit Bull, you need glasses. What I find scary is... did animal control think this was a Pit Bull? (I say "was" because apparently law enforcement shot the dog dead after it bit/attacked several people).

You can see the News10 video here

UPDATE: KCRA, which originally reported the dogs as "Pit Bulls" has changed its online story to reference them merely as "dogs." We presume this change is because one of the dogs is obviously NOT a Pit Bull and the other's breed is still undetermined.

Author Dawn Capp holds an M.S. in medical science (biochemistry and genetics), a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, and a law degree.

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