Monday, September 20, 2010

The Forgotten Dogs

There's been lots of celebration about the Vick dogs finding homes and happy endings. Such joyous stories help to warm my heart, but there's a much greater sadness that wells inside me for the many other dogs who aren't finding happy endings. There are no news camera for Lucy, Pickles, Coconut, Charlotte, or Sharky. There very likely won't be a happy ending for dogs like Lucy -- a tiny Pit Bull "Terrier" gal (maybe a mix) with bat-like ears and the face of a gremlin. She's a total love bug with people--submissive, eager to please, and affectionate.

However, she's a terrier, and true to her terrier heritage, she's a little hot head around other dogs. So, she's scheduled to be euthanized--humanely of course--because of course the shelter cannot adopt out a dog that is dog aggressive. They don't have the resources to put individual attention into dogs and to screen homes and take the time to find an experienced, responsible home who will be Lucy's perfect match.

And, of course, Chako, like many other rescues, is full. We do NOT euthanize dogs (unless they pose a danger to people, and since we are so picky about that when we take in dogs--knock on wood--we haven't had to euthanize a dog for over 12 years). So, that means, when we are full, we stay full until we can find one of our dogs (like Pickles), a new home.  If I did continue to take in dogs beyond Chako's capacity, I'd end up on the news as one of those "hoarder" ladies who really had "good intentions."

Lucy only has until the end of the day, today. Then, her hope of a happy ending vanishes.

She's not the only dog out there in need of a happy ending, but if you have space in your life for a dog reactive little gremlin who loves belly rubs, let us know today, as soon as you possibly can. And if you don't have room in your life for a dog like Lucy, then we urge you to consider Pickles, or Charlotte, or Coconut, or any other Pit Bull who hasn't had the benefit of news cameras to help them find their happy endings. Hopefully, the forgotten dogs in shelters and rescue will be someone's adoring companion soon.

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