Friday, September 17, 2010

Responsible Breeding - Is there such a thing?

Chako Pit Bull Rescue does not oppose RESPONSIBLE breeding. We believe that, although there are a lot of rescue dogs in need of homes, we understand some people have specific desires to show dogs and be involved in the show community. Some people want proven "working line" dogs (recognizing that that's no guarantee a puppy from such a line will be working quality). We also recognize that responsible, thoughful, and purposeful breeding is the only way to preserve purebred dogs with consistent breed temperament and structure.

Of course, we're not saying that purebred dogs are any better than mixed breed dogs. But we recognize there are people who are true breed fanciers and want to preserve the ideal of their beloved breeds. However, we feel it important to let people know that we believe responsible breeders only breed dogs that meet the following criteria:
  • Have obtained a working, obedience, or show title;
  • Are structurally sound and mostly conform to the breed standard (recognizing no dog conforms 100% to the ideal breed standard);
  • Have passed all relevant health tests (hips, elbows, thyroid, cardiac and any breed specific genetic tests); and
  • Perhaps most importantly, have demonstrated the proper breed temperament
Responsible breeders must ALWAYS take back dogs that do not work out in their homes -- and that includes the breeders on both sides (sire and dam). Breeding a pup is a lifelong commitment to that pup. So, technically, a dog should NEVER end up in a shelter since all dogs are the result of breeders, at some point (either that dog or a prior generation was produced by a breeder). Breeders should NOT breed a litter unless they have suitable, responsible homes lined up in advance of the planned breeding.

Responsible breeders breed limited litters. They do not churn out litter after litter after litter. Those that do are called "puppy mills."

Responsible breeders avoid inbreeding close relatives and only engage in line breeding or outcrossing after much research and consideration.

Every breeder should ask the question -- WHY am I breeding? The answer should be "To better the breed" not "I need extra cash." In fact, if you breed responsibly, you will never make a living off breeding. Most responsible breeders breed not only to better the breed, but because they also want to take a puppy themselves from the planned breeding. That's different than the pet owner that wants a reproduction of "fluffy." Responsible breeders know that breeding will never yield you an exact reproduction of either parent.
Remember that when you breed, you are deliberately bringing several lives into the world. Your duty to those lives continues until each of those lives end. That's a 10-17 year commitment, generally (times however many puppies you have produced).

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