Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pit Bull Friendly Toys

We're often asked what kind of toys are good for enthusiastic chewers like most Pit Bulls, and we're including a list and brief review of some of the best toys out there for Pit Bulls. Keep in mind, of course, each dog is an individual, and some dogs might be more merciful to their toys than others, so not all Pit Bulls need the strongest, toughest chew toys out there.

But if you have one that does, here's a list! Remember, always supervise dogs with chew toys, and inspect the toy frequently. If you have a multi-dog household, make sure dogs are given their toys separately, away from each other, to avoid a fight.

Plush Toys
  1. Tuffie Toys are strong, reinforced plush toys. They are not indestructible, but they do come with toughness ratings that indicate their durability. We've found even those rated 8-10 usually only last an hour or so if left as a chew toy, but the more grabbable ones do make decent tug toys.
  2. Stuffingless toys make a great present for dogs that like to disembowl stuffies. While dogs still need to be properly supervised (as with any chew toy), the lack of stuffing yields a smaller mess and less chances of intestinal blockage (though of course dogs can still rip and swallow the fabric itself, which could lead to an expensive vet bill).
  3. Sherpa Toys with Chew Guard Technology last about fifteen minutes for determined chewers, but a bit longer for less serious plushie slayers.
Non-Plushie Toys
  1. Nylabone Galileo Bones come in different sizes. The Wolf size seems to work nicely for the average sized Pit Bull (40-60 pounds), but many dogs also like the Souper size. These last a few days to a few weeks for most dogs, and the edges wear down, allowing you to see when it's ready to be thrown out.
  2. GoughNuts are fantastic toys that even the most serious chewers usually can't put a dent in, and if they do, there's a color coded interior lining that lets you see when the rubber is compromised. These are expensive, but worth the price since you probably won't have to replace it for a while. Be careful, though. These are generally heavy toys, so you shouldn't throw one at your dog.
  3. Hurleys are another rubber-like toy that stand up fairly well to heavy chewers, though they aren't as durable as the GoughNuts and Galileo Bones. They last a few days to a few weeks for most Pit Bulls, but they are a staple around here. Dogs like the soft toys, they are easy to throw (and much lighter than the GoughNuts), and the company will replace one if your dog destroys it (but you have to pay shipping).
  4. Black or Blue Kongs are generally decent options for chewers, but many dogs can tear through a black kong (especially if they find the "trick," which is to start at the big hole and work the rubber until pieces break off). However, black kongs are stronger than red kongs, and they are easy to stuff with natural peanut butter or other goodies to keep your dog occupied. Blue kongs have the advantage of being radio opaque, meaning if your dog swallows a piece, it'll show up on an X-Ray. Kongs come in different sizes -- Large or X-Large generally works best for most Pit Bulls.
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  1. Odin really likes the Kong Wobbler - Hard plastic and way too big to fit in his mouth. You can put kibble in it and it wobbles and spits out the treats! He also likes Good Cuz / Bad Cuz (big rubber balls with feet!)
    Both of these can be found at Petsmart.

    Odin loves to play soccer so I've also purchased a Boomer Ball ( -- Hard plastic. This is the company who makes toys for tigers & lions for zoos. Make sure to get the hard plastic one. Do NOT use this inside the house -- it put a hole in our wall in the garage!! But Odin LOVES it!