Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet Henry: The Pit Bull pup who has gone through hell and still wags his tail happily

This is Henry. He came to Chako on September 26th after a kind couple found him wandering a parking lot in South Sacramento. A very large, oozing wound around his neck tells the tale of a collar (most likely) that was never removed as he outgrew it and ultimately embedded itself into his flesh. At some point, the collar probably broke, allowing Henry to break free.


Henry also has a serious case of what is likely demodectic mange, with probably secondary skin infections. His age is hard to estimate, given his condition, but his teeth are pearly white and brand new, so it's obvious he's still a pup.
Henry exists in agony. His skin is on fire. The gaping wound on his neck oozes constantly, and he shakes his head and paws at his face, giving a low, pathetic wail of a whine. Then, he passes out, asleep.

Right now, Henry is at the Missouri Flats veterinary clinic in Placerville, being cared for by Dr. Randy Robinson, a dog lover who has a soft spot for Pit Bulls. Chako is currently seeking donations to help us get Henry the care and treatment he needs (and his course of treatment will no doubt take months).

Visit Henry on YouTube to see his kind eyes and wiggling/waggling little body.

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